Vertical block meat filling machine


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      ◆ The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe, hygienic and durable.

      ◆ Beautiful appearance, unified standard for formed meat rolls, and solid and full filling effect.

      ◆ Safe operation, pneumatic control, hand lift switch cover control switch.

      ◆ The pressure regulating device adjusts the plumpness of the product to meet the diverse needs of customers.

      ◆ Adjust the bagging speed according to customer needs to improve production efficiency.

      ◆ Customize the mold according to the production requirements of customers.

      ◆ Simple cleaning and maintenance, easy disassembly and assembly.

      ◆ Suitable for mutton roll molding, ham sausage filling, broken meat, block meat filling molding and other processes.

      ◆ Applicable to the meat reconstitution processing of mutton roll, pork roll, pork chop,  steak, granular sausage and other products.