YX-1736 Chain type multistage weight classifier


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◆ Controlled by frequency conversion motor, the speed can be adjusted according to need.
◆ High precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed, high precision, manual or automatic zero clearing, and dynamic zero tracking. Using frequency conversion control motor, the speed can be adjusted according to the need.
◆ Built-in report statistics, report can generate Excel format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data report, U disk can store 
more than a year of statistical data, keep track of the production status at any time, provide factory parameter setting recovery function, and can store a variety of formulas, easy to change product specifications. 
◆ Easy to reserved a standard interface, data management, and can be connected to PC and other intelligent device communications.
◆ New product formula after the information without having to set parameters, suitable parameters with self-learning function automatically set equipment, and storage convenient switch products when the next time.
◆ The product is mainly suitable for larger a live fish seatood such as bass, four people fish, tilapia mossambica, lobster weight sorting, etc.