Bowl Cutter Chopper Mixer ZB 80 .125 .200 .330 .420


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Handy Helper Bowl Cutters & Vacuum bowl Cutter continue to be years ahead of the competition with our superior engineering and top quality stainless steel construction.  We offers professional processing technology to our customers in order to achieve the best production results and maintains the industry‘s most reliable reputation with total responsibility for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Bowl cutting is the answer for better product colour, appearance, bite, texture, quality and higher yields for linked sausages, formed meat products or other specialty processed meat. Our stainless steel bowl cutter allows you to emulsify, coarse chop or fine chop while reducing your grinding time, clean up time, and labor costs. The cutter also mixes while it chops and maximizes protein extraction by extracting up to 50% more protein than a grind/mix/grind system.


◆ High-grade SUS 304 stainless steel construction.

◆ Superior quality solid stainless steel bowl attached with large diameter bearings & Vibration free.

◆ Superb smooth surfaces giving the Cutter most sanitary design for easy, fast clean-up and the latest safety features.

◆ Monitoring system on the cutter control by touch of a finger (TOUCH SCREEN).

◆ Automatic water feeding system (optional).

◆ Smooth control cut-mixing rotations and bowl rotations gives a wide range of programmes which can be used in every cutting process.

◆ Sharp curved high speed knives cut rather than crush the meat under pressure.

◆ Bowl Cutter Sized from : 80, 125, 330, 420, 500 Litre capacity.

The Cutter is built with Siemens Motor, USA EMERSON or Denmark DANFOSS frequency control technology, Sweden SKF bearings, Swiss ABB electrics water-tight button.

Its speed can reach as high as 4200r/min, its extremely high speed makes your products superior quality with less juice separation, bringing about a extra-super emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness. Better colouring during shelf-life is also evident in cut product, improve products defination enchances eye appeal and sales.