About us

Handy Helper

Handy Helper Import & Export Co., Ltd is engaged in the development and manufacture of fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment, bagged bottled pasteurization equipment, frying equipment, boiling and blanching line, sausage equipment and various food processing equipment enterprises. The company's production base is located in Nanhu Industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Weifang City, Shandong Province. The company's export department is located in Jin'an District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. While fully absorbing the technology, the technical team of the company draws on the strengths of others, melts and casts the technology suitable for the market and industry at home and abroad, and provides mechanical products to customers to ensure that our products meet the market demand and development. 
        With the expansion of the global population and the gradual improvement of consumers' requirements for food quality, as well as the problems and difficulties existing in the food manufacturing and production in the industry, such as the degree of automation, production capacity, health demand and other bottlenecks. We also found that the market demand varies greatly in different regions, so we can make targeted customized technical design according to the needs of customers, we also provide series and independent mature products to ensure the flexibility of customer production requirements and configurations.

We focus on the future, constantly innovate, pay attention to environmental protection, and strive to help our customers win the challenging competition in the future. Innovation, cooperation and win-win results. We pay attention to your needs, exceed your expectations, and use technology to achieve the common brilliance of our cause.

Corporate Purposes

Grow together, share success

We grow together with employees, realize employees' pursuit of career, self-affirmation and transcendence - create opportunities for employees
We grow with customers and share the joy of asset appreciation with customers - creating value for customers
Partners grow together, share resources, complement each other's advantages, and join forces to build brilliance together
We grow with the society, promote economic development, revitalize national scientific and technological progress - create benefits for the society

Enterprise Spirit

Innovative, pragmatic, dedicated

Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force for business development
Tell the truth, make practical moves, do practical things, and be pragmatic
Respect and respect one's own profession, treat it with respect and piety, and regard one's own profession as a vocation
Think about it, do it right away, absorb it quickly, change it quickly, act quickly

Operating Strategy

operating strategy

Market-oriented, product and sales as the leader, and service as the support, based on technology research and development.